It is granted that women could be challenging to understand sometimes, and it could be difficult to fathom that what they are expecting from a man. A majority of the times, they resort to talking incessantly, and at other times, they will not utter a word to their men. Sometimes a woman wants a man to take a lead, and then, women want to push through their own will. It could become immensely challenging for a man to please and make it right for a woman, and they often find themselves stranded in between.

Also, a man expects a woman to approach him, and ask him about his way and develop a nurturing pattern towards him. He expects a woman to play a contributing role in the maintenance of their relationship, which could result in taking him the woman’s efforts for guaranteed. A man should play an equal role in love and relationships to strengthen his relationship with his significant other, and he can consider taking the following initiatives to make it up to his wife or girlfriend:


A woman is often committed to balancing her work life with their home life, and it requires her to work from day to night to make sure that household work is accomplished on time. She gets immersed in taking care of your children, and she thrives to make sure that everything is always clean, the beds are made, the food is prepared on time, and the clothes are clean. Household costs a lot of time and effort, and you should recognize her effort by admiring her efforts. You can give flowers or chocolates, whisper words of love, or kiss her to express your recognition and admiration for her. 

Listen and remember

Women tend to talk incessantly, and as a man, you should listen and remember what she is trying to convey to you. You should make a little effort and filter out important things from her conversations, and you should keep the key points in your minds. She could be giving you subtle hints on birthday gifts, travel destinations, pet, or anything else. 

To take responsibility

As a man, you should play a contributing role in taking responsibility for yourself, partnership, and for your children. Women often seek for a strong and responsible partner that they could meet at an eye-to-eye level. Men should be supportive towards their family in challenging situations, so women could open up to them more. It would also garner men the admiration and appreciation of their women towards them. 

Be strong in the right moments

A woman does not necessarily want a muscle-macho man but, she does not even want a soft-mouthed whore, she wants a man who is expected to be strong and act strong in the right moments. Men should have enough strength to exude their sensitive side to their women, and they should be able to pay a heed to their women, when she is going through a complex time in her life. You should not invalidate her feelings at all costs, and you should try to ask that what she could be going through at the moment. If she does not feel comfortable in opening up to you, you should give her some time to relax then, approach her to ask what is bothering her, and figure out that how can you help her overcome her troubles. 

Pay attention

You should never be reluctant on paying attention to your partner. You should always use a soft tonality to address your partner. If your partner looks stressed, you should approach them with love and care, and you should gently ask them about their day. It will not only make them appreciate you even more but, it will also help in opening up to you about their concerns and problems. 

Stick together

a couple tend to go through several phases together, and it requires a man to stick together with his woman to make it through the phase. Whether it could be work stress, household stress, financial stress or, relationship stress, you should hold on to your partner and cope with your situation together. You should discuss that what initiatives could be taken to solve a problem between a couple, and how they can work out things to relish themselves to the happy moments of their relationship.

Bring the woman back to the bottom of the facts

It is no wonder that women wants to exhibit a queen-like demeanor, and men should love them for it regardless, and they should admire them frequently; however, women tend to go through their hysterical and hormonal phase, which could escalate their behavior up to a notch. As a man, you should consider taking sense into your woman, and you should correct them accordingly. A woman might disagree with you initially but, she would be grateful to you for this act.

Leave you room

It is understandable that guys can be overly possessive of their women, which could be frustrating at times, and it could create a rift between a couple. You should leave some room for your significant other, and you should allow them to relish themselves to a girls evening or girl holidays. You should let them have the freedom, and it would restore their trust in you, and it will also help in appreciating you even more. 


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