Having a pretty and iconic motorbike is every man’s dream. All the men that you have met in your entire life have had a fantastic bike to their name, or if it isn’t the case, then they genuinely desire one. Motorbikes and men are like an integral part of a giant clock, whether both fit and roll or nobody does so.

Being that said, longing for a motorbike to feed the innermost throbbing wish of the heart is quite a lot to carry on with. One way or the other this desire has to fulfilled “Yes” you should act on this pretty dazzling desire of yours, get a motorbike and get on with it.

Easy being said than done, not all motorcycles are the same. Every man has got an eccentric taste for things that he likes. Maybe he’ll love a standard and classic bike instead of a racing kind. But who wants to race will definitely beg to differ with this contemplating statement.

So, the open conflict here helps you to choose which bike is destined to roll with your personality and the ultimate reason behind it. Let’s explore further;
Following is a diversified list of various makes/models and styles for the motorbikes and the reasons that you should buy the only one which suits best with your needs and always have been your burning desire;

1. Allrounder

This classic motorbike as the name states serves the overall purpose of the user. If you are more of a typical rider and daily errands runner type of guy. Then it is the ultimate best fit for you. An Allrounder motorbike comes with really great features that any rider desires and also on a fantastic price lead as well. An all-rounder motorcycle provides the owner with all the necessary requirements. It has got;

• Excellent Mileage
• Reliability
• Robust build quality
• Simple machine (4 stroke engine)
• Easy to maintain
• Price effective

If these were the esteemed characteristics you were hoping for in your dream bike, then your search has concluded, but if not then feel free to explore next.

2. Bagger

Bagger, full dresser or dresser are the same names of a particular motorbike we are discussing here. This unique motorbike consists of saddlebags and often referred to as hard bags. This inspirational motorbike represents the passion of the rider to not only stretch an extra mile but to go further into exploring the land. The saddlebags are intended to put in the luggage inside and turn your bike into a tourist gear.

3. Bobber

The classic artwork brings us back to the 1990’s custom-made bikes. The main idea behind this bike is to strip the excessive bodywork/parts like front fender is completely removed and back fender is also shortened which explains the term ‘’Bobbed”. It surely is a style statement and gives the inner rider a thirst for riding with most of the bodywork removed or replaced. The standard seat, paintwork and chrome work adds wonder to this beauty. If you are all for the careless notion of styling except what other people think of you, then it sure is the best fit for you.

4. Café Racer

As the name engages the reader into believing that it is an actual sports bike, don’t be flattered by the façade this bike wraps around it. Well, it is an extremely lightweight, low powered and eccentric motorcycle which is optimized for speed and perfect handling instead of comfort. So, those people who are crazy about ideal handling and fast/ smooth acceleration should consider this bike as their next adventure.

5. Chopper

A chopper is a custom configuration, “Chopped up” from the factory model into the custom renovation of the bike. Many body pieces are either chopped out or removed altogether, it may seem similar to the bagger motorcycle but instead have its own climax. The chopper is perhaps the most extreme of all the custom styles, and it has modified steering angles and lengthened forks for a beautiful stretched-out appearance. Someone who finds the “west” or gang fraternity should consider getting one of these and things will smooth out with this radical bike on your side.

6. Cruiser

This splendid addition takes us back to the 1950’s around the Harley-Davidson Indian and Henderson motor designs. The main focus is to keep the posture of the rider straight with an erect spine and a little possibility to lean back. The riding seats are also placed uniquely and allow the rider to place the feet forward and hands up. Sure, a beauty to consider for style and traveling the long distances. But as they say “Buy whatever strikes the chords hard”.

7. Drag Bike

For men there is a suitable lid for every pot, so the right motorcycle. Not all people are interested in showing off or proving their allegiance to a particular bike style. Some people are destined to live their passion, believe in it and act it out. If you are catching the drift, then you know that we are talking about some daring people, ready to give what it takes, the racers. Drag bikes are the authentic manifestation of a racing alloy geared up with the most incredible engine to stretch the speed limits and bring them onto a new level. The perfect lightweight body and smooth drifting on this lovable machine allow the racer to win any race simple or drag only if you have got the heart for it.

8. Enduro

Enduro in its most basic definition is the mountain bike, commonly used for mountain racing like in Dew or Red bull race competitions. Riders use this bike to get through the long-distance cross-country time trial competitions. Mostly those people who have a taste for mountain racing or passion for it use this kind of bike.

9. Scrambler

In today customs a scrambler bike is the healthy mix of the retro/old bike with a higher than average riding heights and shock, and the dual-purpose tires are ready to rip the road or as well as rough land. The ultimate stripes and fantastic décor on the body parts turn this bike into an amazing beauty. Those riders who love to challenge their own boundaries are the perfect fir for having this bike as their next ultimate endeavour.

10. Streetfighter

A street fighter is the ultimate sports bike, with all the dual power channels and a rigid handling system delivers the aggressive look of this bike. Guys who are more equipped with making a style statement seems to engage with this spectacular beast. Not only it is the perfect sports machine but also serves the other remarkable criteria like speed, perfection and handling for the rider. In the young community this bike is also referred to as the mister important, and if you are a dreamer more than you are a racer, then it is a must-have-bike for you.

11. Supersport

A supersport motorcycle refers to a racing bike that is manufactured to be street legal. These are light, powerful and have a plastic body for ultimate grip and speed purposes. A must-have product for the professional racers.  This blazingly fast motorbike is ready to rip the road. You should have this ultimate bike as it is always swift than the other bikes combined.

12. Tourer

As the name implies, a tourer motorcycle is designed for touring and traveling purposes. Although many motorbikes can be used for touring, tourer has been manufactured keeping in mind the ultimate needs of the tourists. If you are more of a traveller and explorer in search of the ultimate horizons, then you should give some intuition to this particular motorbike.


Surely you may have gathered enough facts and types of different products to go on with. Which bike man decide, gives deep insight into the character of the rider. So, keep in mind your priorities and overall characteristics you want in your dream bike and then go for it.


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